New jobs pass through our agency all the time, below is a selection of jobs to illustrate our skillset. If you would like to see more examples of our work, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do everything we can to accomodate you.

Caribbean Insurers

Web Development, Photography, Online Quotation System & Integration with I.T. Systems

Working in conjunction with Annie Wescott (www.CaribAtlantic.com), we are developing an new online presence for Caribbean Insurers which will tie directly in to their internal I.T. network and systems, saving vast amounts of staff time and allowing customers to receive initial quotations instantly online.

As well as a complete reinvention of the website to include multiple branding for the various companies within the Caribbean Insurers group, we are carrying out a full photographic service to provide the company with striking new imagery for use in their corporate works, including of course the new website.

Blue Water Divers BVI

Web Development

Blue Water DIvers needed an aesthetic re-vamp to their site. We have developed the site with several features to show off their fabulous scuba diving services here in the British Virgin Islands. We have loaded their site with photo galleries and slideshows to allow web user's to see what they can experience with Blue Water Diver's.

BVI Interactive CD Atlas (in progress)

Development of an Interactive CD-ROM Atlas, Design of Printed Atlas and Development of Data Management System

Nancy Woodfield & Mark Hayward initially approached us to design a printed atlas that would hopefully include a CD full of teachers samples and documents for aiding teaching. After initial research it was decided that if a CD was to be included with the atlas then it should be utilized as much as possible.

We decided to produce an interactive multimedia atlas, including an interactive map, textual information and statistics, audio commentaries and video clips. This project is now in its beta stage and has recieved incredible feedback - being mentioned in the BVI Beacon twice before its even released!

UltimateBVI (on going)

VisitUltimate BVI Screenshot

Ultimate BVI (www.ultimatebvi.com) is the BVI's most definitive and up to date information resource, containing information on events, hotels, sailing, restaurants, bars and much more.

We have a huge number of plans for UltimateBVI.com which will benefit hundreds of companies on the island, as well as providing an invaluable resources to visitors and tourism. We wish we could say more but as they say in the military - its classified!

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